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The project "Postdoctoral Studies in Health Policy Ethics" 40 postdoctoral researchers are supported in transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.


The project aims at developing and upgrading continuous training to provide new skills, knowledge and ability to attract the research specialists in various fields through the formation of multidisciplinary teams involved in developing the health policies . Is expected to act as an interface between the educational environment by promoting research and postdoctoral training at European level, and competitive environment, where research results will be implemented so the society can progress on the parameters of knowledge. Specific activities are materialised, among others, in granting postdoctoral fellowships for a period of 31 months for specialists from at least seven areas: medicine, economics, sociology, philosophy, social work, law and theology.


For the selection of researchers were considered, as mandatory, holding a Ph.D. title obtained after 1999 in the areas listed above and foreign knowledge of a language of international circulation (English, French, German, Spanish). In the selection of candidates  process, two important criteria were the experience in qualitative research and/ or quantitative, and the affiliation to a research team, including a project developed during doctoral studies.


In this regard, candidates were required to present a proposal of 1000 words in Romanian and international language for a research project focused on one of the project's areas: Aspects of European policy for terminally ill cilor / transplant; aspects of policies health for vulnerable populations on gender and geographical problems (disadvantaged groups); Policy allocation of resources in health services).

Also, in the application process, candidates had to prove their scientific experience by the the published articles (score calculated by the system NURC).


List of scholars included in the "post-doctoral studies in health policy ethics" can be found here: Project Team