Project co-financed from European Social Fund through 2007-2013 Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development, financed from the European Social Fund and by the Romanian Government

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Ethics and Health Policies Seminar at CEPS

Sesiunea de dezbateri Etica si Politici de Sanatate

On March 1, 2012, in Iasi was held the seminar Ethics and Health Policy, with the participation of researchers from the Center for Ethics and Health Policy Iasi (CEPS), members of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr T . Popa Iasi, together with experts in clinical ethics from various European countries, members of the European Network clinical ethics Network (ECEN). Source:


Within the discussion session researchers form the CEPS and the invited experts from the ECEN presented works with the following titles:


Metaphors of medical migration: descriptive and normative perspectives - Theodora Manea, Edward Dornescu, Voichita Tebeanu, Gavrilovici Cristina, Liviu Oprea


The Romanian health care system's changes: Expectations, satisfactions and vulnerabilities - Daniela Soitu, Adina Rebeleanu


Migration of Romanian doctors: Why is this a problem? - Cristina Teodorescu, Irina Cehan, Theodora Manea


  Appreciative of the ethics in this the context of chronic that model - Antonio Sandu, Daniela Cojocaru


An argument I Against Personal Responsibility principle for prioritization of health care resources - Bogadan Olaru


Themes and semantic patterns of the Romanian press portray of organ transplantation - Andrew Holman, Adina-Hutuleac Karner, Cristina Gavrilita, Mihaela leaf, Irina Streb, boilers tear, Beatrice John


End of Life Decision ethical approach in this the French context - Pierre Boite, Jean Phillipe


Moral deliberation and clinical ethics Consultation - Bert Molewich.


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