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Health Ethics Policy

The course was conducted by a team consisting of Prof. Dr. Vasile Astarastoae, Conf. Dr. Cristina Gavrilovici, Conf. dr. Beatrice Ioan, Dr. Liviu Oprea, Assist. univ. Vicol Mihaela, Cristina Cazacu, Iov Catalin, Catalin Cazacu

Course aimes

To provide the participants an ethical perspective on public health, to introduce a framework for ethical analysis of public health and to introduce the case study method.


Course Objectives

By discussing the articles and recommended book chapters, through presentations and case analysis, course participants will gain:

- Knowledge of major teaching ethical analysis, and ethical concepts of political philosophy used in public health ethics;

- Familiarity with the major ethical issues facing those engaged in research practice and public health (health promotion, disease prevention, epidemiology and biostatistics).

- Ability to identify, articulate and analyze ethical issues associated with public health practice and ethical arguments to formulate coherent and consistent.

- The power to use the concepts of public health ethics and health policy research.


Course Format

The course is divided into eight learning modules conducted over a 40-hour intensive workshop. Each learning module has two parts. The first part will be presented and discussed articles and book chapters recommended. The second part of each module is allocated to the application of concepts discussed in the first part, the case studies assigned to each module. All course participants are involved, both in presentation of theoretical concepts and the case analyzes.