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Qualitative research methodology

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Adriana Baban

The course aims to introduce students in the theories, methods and techniques of qualitative research (CC) and their applications in various social and medical sciences. Are the main paradigm underlying CC, are described characteristics and main stages of a qualitative research, types of questions can be answered CC, data collection techniques, strategies for their analysis and interpretation, comparison, research report writing, criteria for evaluating research rigor and ethics required by CC. The technical depth individual interview and group interview and phenomenological issues. We discuss and demonstrate the content analysis strategy, to the phenomenological, narrative analysis, the general theory or research-action strategy. Are presented specific aspects of writing an article / report of qualitative research. Are the limits and benefits of this type of research.

The course is divided into five learning modules corresponding to the following topics: - epistemology CC;

- Characteristics and stages of CC;

- Interview, focus group, observation;

- Strategy of analysis and interpretation of data

-. CC Design and drafting report, qualities of a good CC.

Working methods: lecture, conceptual clarification, discussion, demonstration example, guided discovery, group activities, applications, synthesis of knowledge.