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Research activity

Lifestyle and health behavior of persons with chronic diseases

The research aims to determine:


- What is the role of medical and social services in the construction of individual responsibility and autonomy, especially for self-care behavior of patients (diabetic)? Unit of analysis is social and health services system in Iasi.

- How does the organizing during patient care and the medico-social construction of responsibility influencing their health condition and its autonomy?

- How are build the autonomy and the patient


...

The ethics of governance in health services for people with substance abuse

The research aims to determine

- The governance model of health services in Romania for these people meet the needs and expectations of all actors involved (in terms of structure,


...

Ethical perspectives and determinants on the access of vulnerable groups and persons to health services

The research aims to determine:

- What are the vulnerable groups and persons in relation to the access and use of health services in Romania;

- What are the factors and mechanisms that contribute to

...

Ethics and efficiency in resource allocation in health systems

The research aims to determine:

How to improve resource allocation in Romania in order to implement a performant health system?

- What are the methods and strategies to achieve a correct macrodistribution of  resources in the context of health system in Romania?

- To what extent are ethical principles consistent with the requirements of efficiency? What are strategies to harmonize them?

- How are charged and fulfilled the requirements of a fair allocation of resources reconfiguration processes facing the health system in the Romanian society?

- What are the indicators of efficiency of resource allocation in


...

Ethical and socio-economic implications of the migration of doctors from Romania

The research aims to determine:

- What are the characteristics of migration of Romanian medical doctors?

- What are the determinants of migration of Romanian medical doctors?

- What are the implications of physicians migration to the Romanian 


...

Transplantation of organs from deceased donors- ethical perspectives and psycho- moral influences, socio-cultural, medical, legal

The research aims to determine:

- What are the ethical benchmarks and factors influencing organ donation decisions in Romania?

- What is the dynamic of the organ donation in Romania?

- What is the representation of organ donation from deceased donors and its ethical dimensions among the population?

- How is the issue of  transplantation reflected




...

Interdisciplinary study of bio-psycho-socio-cultural factors impact on the dignity of dying patients

The research aims to determine:

- What are the specific factors that affect the dignity, autonomy and quality of life of terminally ill persons in the socio-economic and cultural context of Romania?


- What are the differences in perception and attitudes towards the terminally ill, death and dignity, considering


...