Project co-financed from European Social Fund through 2007-2013 Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development, financed from the European Social Fund and by the Romanian Government

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"Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer" (Pearl Harbor, motion picture).

 Volunteering is freely consented to the action of individuals (volunteers) that acts to an end without expecting any remuneration, compensation or recognition of the merits of that act.

When is altruistic, voluntary service put in defense of public freedoms contribute to the promotion of general human values, form character, inspiring ideals.

 Volunteering in history behind the large movements and social transformations. Religions were founded by enthusiastic volunteer work . An enthusiastic volunteer is a force that can transform the world through the power of example. Some beliefs and historical events and all peaceful civil rights movement of the twentieth century (independent India, the movement for racial equality in the U.S., the fall of the Berlin Wall) were made by volunteers.

 Volunteering is an legally activity. Young people especially (students, but not only) can gain valuable experience and develop skills that enable them involved in implementing promising volunteer  career. There are  categories of people (homeless people, people very poor, persons or groups subject to discrimination or abuse frequently, etc..) who need help to defend their rights.

 In certain strategic areas in which civil liberties are often violated, work and volunteer involvement is evidence of civic attitude, solidarity, initiative and assertion of leadership qualities.

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